Football Training Secrets of St. Petersburg, FL’s
Here’s How This Hole-In-The-Wall Gym Is Building Top Football Talent - Producing NFL, CFL, Division 1, And Elite High School Prospects
Scouts and coaches agree: There’s something different about Florida football..

But what’s so different from everywhere else?

Why are over 20% of the top 25 5-star recruits consistently from Florida?

And why does Florida lead the league in pro talent year after year, despite being a small fraction of the size of the next 2 states Texas and California?

Florida recruits aren’t necessarily the biggest…
…But they still excel in positions where height and length are “essential”.

They’re not necessarily the strongest…

…But they’ll still hit you like a truck.

And if you’ve watched my videos, you’ve seen these Florida-grown athletes jump off camera with crazy explosiveness…

Stop on a dime and quickly change directions…

And sprint with breakaway speed.

Most importantly, all of this athleticism in the gym seamlessly translates to the field.
Why Are Florida Players So Elite?
They have something I like to call “The Florida Edge".

See, Florida is known for grooming football athletes with speed, explosiveness, and grit.

Some are born with it. Others gain it along the way.

And this is what sets me apart as a coach.

Because I’m able to help my athletes gain this edge in an actionable way.

And this is how I was able to help one of my athletes go from NO offers to suiting up for a professional team.

It’s how I was able to take an NFL guy from little playing time to Pro Bowl hopeful.

It’s how I was able to help a Wide Receiver clock the fastest in game speed of the last season (according to ESPN).

And it’s how I was able to help hundreds of others find more athletic success:

You Can Gain This Competitive Edge Too
Doesn’t matter where you are.

How tall you are.

Or what you weigh.

For the first time ever, I’m going to reveal an actionable way to gain the edge.

And truthfully, this can help you bridge the gap between yourself and guys bigger, faster, and stronger than you.

The Edge is what coaches and scouts look for these days.

That’s why a staggering 20% of the top 25 5-Star recruits are from Florida, when only 6% of the US population lives in Florida.

Again, that’s 1 out of 5 5-Star recruits that come from The Sunshine State.

Needless to say, if you have this.…
Coaches Will Have No Choice But to Find Playing Time For You
This is why so many of my football guys play multiple positions…

Their coaches want them on the field at all times.

And that’s because The Florida Edge gives you the athletic advantage you need regardless of strength, size, or speed.

And in the next few minutes, I’m going to share EXACTLY how YOU can get that dog in you…

  • The #1 Reason Most Football Athletes Are WASTING Their Time In The Gym (This Is Why Guys Who Spend Hours In The Gym STILL End Up On The Bench)
  • 3 Football-specific Skills That That Build a Complete Athlete
  • How to Program Movements And Drills for Football Off Season
And a whole bunch more.

But before I pull back the curtain on my football methods for the first time ever, I want to introduce myself.
Who Am I? 
And How Do I Know This?
Who Am I? And How Do I Know This?
My name is Chris Barnard.

I’ve dedicated the last decade to helping athletes become bigger, faster, stronger, and more explosive.

And I’ve done this by training them directly and providing free info on my Overtime Athletes YouTube channel - which currently hosts over 420,000 subscribers.

In those 10+ years training athletes, I’ve worked with players of all walks.
But my specialty is football.

And in Florida, football is life.

We train year round, rain or shine, hell or highwater - we’re on the field, in the gym, grinding.

And this is why Florida-grown prospects have made the biggest splash in the NFL these past few years.

NFL legends like Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Andre Johnson all hail from Florida.

Young stars like Lamar Jackson, Amari Cooper, and Dalvin Cook are Florida grown, too.

And there are more future superstars being developed as we speak.

Needless to say, we grow ‘em different around here.

And part of the reason has to do with the “gritty” Florida mindset.

But the other part has to do with The Florida Edge.

But this begs the question…
It has to do with the way us Florida boys train.

See, outside of Florida, there’s a deep-seated mindset of tough, beat-you-down, make-you-a-man training.

As a result, athletes lift WAY more weight than they have business lifting - with form that’ll make you cringe.

Then, they head to the field and run, bear crawl, and crabwalk until they puke.

That’s their strength + conditioning in a nutshell.

And this approach blocks many athletes from reaching their full athletic potential.
Sure, guys who were naturally gifted can still squeak by.

But others can’t.

And that’s because that style of training is slow.

The average play lasts 4 seconds.

That’s a small amount of time to make a LOT of impact.

But when you’re training for brute strength, conditioning, and even linear speed alone, you’re not training the skills that make a difference on the field.

But this is good news.

Because if you simply change your approach…

And train the skills that give you the Florida Edge…

You can gain a HUGE advantage while others waste their time with outdated training methods.

So this leaves us with the question:
For the first time ever, I’m going to share that:

1. First Step Quickness

First step quickness is what allows you to shoot the gap and it’s what allows you to get a jump on your defender. 

It can serve you anywhere on the field, no matter what position you play.

And needless to say, slow-starters don’t make it very far in the game of football. At higher levels, even the linemen have the quickness of your high school team’s best receiver. 

And that’s absolutely essential, because you only have an average of four seconds to make an impact in the game of football.
Thing is, even though some players might know they need quickness, there aren’t too many resources that show you how to properly develop it. I’ll show you exactly how to do that in a second.

2. Game Speed

Linear speed is to the game of football as a sword is to a gun fight - sure, it might help, but that alone is gonna put you at a serious disadvantage. Game Speed is the missing piece.

Game Speed gives you the ability to read and react to the quarterback’s eyes. It’s what allows you to see a hole created by your O-Line and use it for a big gain. It’s what allows you to actually apply your speed on the field. 
But what is game speed? 

It’s your ability to react to stimuli on the field and respond accordingly.

In other words, it’s your ability to change directions in response to whatever's unfolding on the field.

And no, you don’t develop this with agility ladders or drawn-out cone drills.

I’ll share exactly how to develop this crucial skill in a second.

3. Raw Explosiveness

Raw explosiveness is the backbone of a standout player. Even without the first step quickness and game speed, raw explosiveness inspires a coach to FIND a place for you. It’ll make a scout’s eyes widen. And it’s a skill that wins kids offers.

Because coaches and scouts know - raw explosiveness can be a dangerous tool on the field.

And when it’s refined, it becomes even more dangerous.
A lack of raw explosiveness is why even highly-scouted prospects struggle to make an impact at higher levels.

And if I had to pick ONE skill to develop over the rest, I’d pick raw explosiveness because it’s just so versatile, it serves you in any position, in ANY circumstance.

4. Competition

Competition is the glue that brings the above three attributes together. The ability to square up and compete in the above attributes helps athletes develop them faster. 

More importantly, competition allows Florida athletes to unleash the dawg in them that will serve them on the field. 

This is what sets Florida athletes apart mentally as well as physically.

But all this said…
How Do You Develop These Football Specific Skills?
There’s a reason these skills translate to on-field performance so seamlessly…

It has to do with the way you develop them.

And if you’ve ever watched my videos, you can see the stark contrast in the way I train my guys and the way other coaches approach their training.

Other coaches throw slow and heavy lifts at their athletes.

Have them perform complex Olympic lifts.

And some make their athletes do overly-complicated movements that look good for the camera, but that’s about it.

When you watch my videos…

You see my guys jumping off camera. 

Performing sport-specific drills.

And doing multi-directional plyometrics.

That’s The Big Difference
Because you develop these skills by breaking down game-specific movements…

Mastering them…

And then progressing to more advanced movements to enhance your skills.

Over time, this leads to an on-the-field savvy most players just don’t have.

And it really comes down to just getting more game-specific reps than other guys.
But more than that, it’s about developing the underpinnings of explosiveness that are so dangerous on the field.

Let’s look at an example:

You might look at a lateral line hop and see little to no carry over to the sport.

However, this movement is a game-specific building block. It’s key in developing the ankle function that allows you to change directions on a dime.

And once an athlete builds this sufficiently, we move onto a more advanced movement.
Another example:

A broad jump.

It’s a plain jane movement. 

But it’s also critical for building that foundation of quickness that will give you an advantage on the field.

Or a box jump.

Again, this will play into that raw explosiveness that allows you to make the most of the 4 seconds you have to make a play.

Now, keep in mind.

All the movements I mentioned above are building blocks.

They’re used to progress an athlete towards more advanced, game-specific movements.

The longer we work together, the more advanced and more game-specific these movements get.

And this leads me to:
The Key To Putting All Of This Together
The truth is…

I could give you the EXACT movements I give my athletes.

I could show you EXACTLY how to perform them.

And I could even coach you through them.

But you’d still lag behind them athletically.

Because the key to my football training method isn’t the movements themselves…

It’s about how you progress them.

See, just like you need to lift heavier and heavier weights to get stronger…

You need to progress plyometrics and drills to get quicker, faster, and more explosive.

If you don’t have a progression, you’re flying blind.

You’re throwing things at the wall to see if they stick.

And that could lead to a premature end to your football career.

Because what I laid out here is what bridges the gap between those guys who just seem to have it, and guys who don’t.

And when you develop these skills, everything else falls into place:
  • Your combine numbers improve
  • Your coach gives you more playing time
  • Scouts start asking your coaches about you
  • Teammates ask you what you’ve been doing
  • Parents start seeing you as the star
And up until this point, I’ve never publicly shared my football training methods.

They’ve only been used by those who train with me privately, either online or in the gym.

But after 10 years of refining my football methods, I’m finally ready to share them with the world.


To give an athletic edge to athletes who can’t make it to my gym.

To help parents give their kids a plan for success in the gym.

And to help coaches better serve their athletes.

Truth is, I have absolutely no ego in this. I just want to see athletes get better.

So for the first time, I want to share:
The Football Performance System is a 14-Week Program that develops the often overlooked skills that give Florida players a serious edge.. 

This program has been perfected and tweaked over my 10 year career working with football players of all levels - from pop warner to the NFL level. 

And it’s built in a way that will deliver results no matter what level you’re at now.
The Football Performance System is a 14-Week Program that develops the often overlooked skills that give Florida players a serious edge.. 

This program has been perfected and tweaked over my 10 year career working with football players of all levels - from pop warner to the NFL level. 

And it’s built in a way that will deliver results no matter what level you’re at now.

Whether you’re a starter or a bench warmer, a freshman in high school, or at a prep school, this program can take your game to new heights.

And if you follow it to the T, you’ll not only see your performance go through the roof…
Whether you’re a starter or a bench warmer, a freshman in high school, or at a prep school, this program can take your game to new heights.

And if you follow it to the T, you’ll not only see your performance go through the roof…

But your combine numbers will improve.

You’ll get more playing time.

And teammates will scratch their heads, wondering how you improved so quickly.

The caveat is… This will ONLY happen if you follow the program as it’s laid out.

That said…

Here’s what you get when you enroll in The Football Performance System:
Component #1
Full 14 Week Football Performance 
System Program
The Football Performance System will build your game speed, quickness, raw explosiveness, and in-game instincts from the ground up using a science-based approach that has been tested by the football athletes who’ve walked through the doors of my gym, and those I’ve trained online. Inside, you’ll receive a structured approach to REAL football strength & conditioning. This includes sport-specific agility training, plyometrics to support your quickness, compound lifts to support your force production, and more. In other words, there’s no stone left unturned. I address every physical component you need to become more lethal on the field.
Component #2
The Football Performance System 
Theory Manual
I’ve written up a detailed manual on the theories and components behind the Football Performance System program for athletes and coaches who want a deeper understanding of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. You'll discover the driving forces behind one of the most effective football training programs available today. It’s so extensive that by the time you’re done reading it, you could develop your own football training program. 
Component #3
The Football Performance System 
Video Walkthroughs 
I’ve created whiteboard videos that will teach you the driving factors behind the Football Performance System program and made them available to you in an easy-to-consume video library. These videos will show you what to expect month-to-month in the program and teach you how to extract the best results possible.
Component #4
The OTA Exercise Database 
When you get inside of The Football Performance System you’ll gain access to the new, updated OTA Exercise Database. Inside, you’ll find extensive demonstrations of each movement, exercise, and drill you have to perform for the The Football Performance System. This ensures you’re performing each movement with precision, intent, and full confidence in each movement's effectiveness.

Plus 3 Launch Week Bonuses

Beginner Program
If you can't make it to the gym, like the autonomy of training on your own time, or would just rather train at home, this program is for you. It's the complete, 14-Week, Football Performance System in bodyweight format.

I set out to make this program just as powerful as the normal program. And it's yours FREE when you grab The Football Performance System during launch week.
Bodyweight Program 
Whether you're a coach of a youth team, a youth athlete, or just don't think you're ready for the weights, this program will deliver results. Inside of this program, I've compiled the top knowledge on training youth athletes and implemented them into this beginner football training program.

It's yours FREE when you get your copy of The Football Performance System during launch week.
24/7 Coaching Support
This is an exclusive opportunity. The first 500 athletes who join the Football Performance System will receive a direct line of communication with me. I’ll answer any questions you have, help you through the program, and support you any way I can.
And much, much more.
So, What Separates Football Performance System From Everything Else Out There?
The Football Performance System isn’t about brute strength.

It’s not about speed either.

Yes, we develop those attributes in the program.

But they come as a side effect of developing skills that will actually make a difference on the field.

Things like acceleration.

Agility (real agility training, not that ladder nonsense).

And raw explosiveness.

This is what gives Florida-grown athletes such an edge.

And you’ll be given an actionable plan to gain this edge for yourself.

How Much Is It?

In my 10 years of developing this program, athletes have paid me hundreds of dollars - just for a single session.

Over a year of working with me, that amounts to somewhere in the thousands.

And given that this exact program has earned guys scholarships… And even got them paid to play professionally… I could easily make this program available for thousands of dollars.

But I won’t.

Because like I said earlier, I’m here to make an impact.
And the only way I can do that is by making resources like this affordable for all.

That’s why I’m not gonna charge anywhere near the thousands of dollars I could easily make this program available for.

I won’t even charge the $297 other online coaches try to charge you.

Today, you can gain access to The Football Performance System for just…

Plus, You’re Backed By My 90 Day More Explosiveness Guarantee

Like I said, my goal is impact.

And I can’t make an impact if athletes are worried whether a certain program will work for them or not.

So here’s the deal:

I’m going to let you take The Football Performance System for a 90 Day Test Drive.

This way, you can reap all the benefits that come with The Football Performance System - the explosiveness, agility, speed, and size - without any of the risk.

If you follow the program exactly as it’s laid out for 90 days, and you aren’t satisfied, just shoot me an email at and I’ll get you taken care of.

This way, you can try the program.

Experience the Florida training difference.

And if for some reason, you’re not satisfied, you’re covered.

But I doubt that will happen.

Because my training methods have helped thousands of athletes all over the world elevate their performance.

Don’t believe me?

Adapt Or Get Left Behind

Over the past few years, the top NFL prospects have come out of Florida.

Guys like Lamar Jackson, Dalvin Cook, and Amari Cooper.

The reason?

We do things a little differently around here.

We train harder.

We train smarter.

And we have GRIT.

Sure, some states may produce faster players.

Some might produce stronger players.

But we have that dawg in us that’s going to make you remember you played us in the morning.
A big reason?

The way we train.

So let me ask you:

Do you want to keep doing the same, and keep getting the same results?

Or do you want to train like the best?

Adapt to the methods the best guys are using to become monsters on the field…
And enjoy the success that Florida grown football players do?

The choice is yours.

But just know that as you're making your decision, more and more players around the States are getting in on The Football Performance System.

Right now, you have the opportunity to get in early.

And develop the skills that make up the Florida Edge BEFORE your competition does.

If you ask me, this is a pretty easy decision for anyone truly chasing success.

When you’re ready, click the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Unique About The Football Performance System?
The Football Performance System comes from 10+ years of experience developing Florida’s best football talent.
Unlike most football programs, the focus isn’t brute strength or linear speed.
Instead, skills that actually make a difference on the field take center stage - quickness, game speed, and raw explosiveness.
And when you join The Football Performance System, you’re gaining access to the exact programming I give to the professional athletes I train privately.
How Long is The Program?
The main program lasts 14 weeks.

Two weeks are dedicated to the adaptation phase, which builds your work capacity and muscular endurance. Essentially, it prepares you for the intensity ahead.

The next twelve weeks are dedicated to the adaptation, transmutation, and realization phases.

Each phase will progress you through a different level of drills + movements, ending with the most sport-specific movements.
Is This Program Good for Beginners/Advanced Athletes?
Yes and yes.

The main program uses the same drills, plyometrics, and movements my professionals use.

There’s also a modified beginner program included, which is perfect for younger and less experienced athletes.

Both are included in the main Football Performance System package.
What’s Included In The Football Performance System?
The Football Performance System is loaded with content, including:

+ The 14-Week Football Performance System Program
+ The Football Performance System Video Library
+ The Football Performance System Theory Manual
+ The Football Performance System Testing Manual
+ The OTA Exercise Database
+ The Football Performance System Bodyweight Program
+ The Football Performance System Beginner Program

And a bunch more.
Is There a Guarantee?
Yes. When you grab Football Performance System, you’re backed by my 90 Day Explosiveness Guarantee.

That’s enough time for you to try the program in its entirety.

If for some reason, you follow the program exactly as its laid out, and you don’t get faster, stronger, or quicker, just reach out to me @, and I’ll get you taken care of.

But that’s very unlikely.

Because these are the exact methods I’ve used to help youth athletes land scholarships, and pro athletes earn bigger contracts.
But this means there's nothing holding you back from taking action today.
So get goin’